NCARB Outreach on the Road: Designing Your Future


24 January 2012

San Diego, CA—The NCARB Outreach team hit the road to visit students at Woodbury University School of Architecture and NewSchool of Architecture and Design to provide them face-to-face guidance on the path to architectural registration. Students had the chance to hear how to best prepare themselves for internship, examination, licensure and NCARB certification from Director, IDP Harry M. Falconer Jr., AIA, NCARB.

"Students tend to put off the reality of becoming licensed because the road can be long,” said Debra Abel, Administrative Director, School of Architecture, at Woodbury University. “The real value of having NCARB staff come out is that it forces our students to think about the future—straight from the source.”

NCARB speakers provide an open and approachable forum for students to learn about the requirements for architectural licensure and ask questions about their own experiences. Opportunities for students of all levels to be proactive in their internships are increasing. NCARB Outreach offers a great resource for essential insight about the IDP, ARE, and the important steps that students can take today.

If you are interested in having NCARB Outreach speakers come to your school, contact Martin Smith, Manager, IDP at  

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