IDP 2.0: What You Need to Know About Experience Settings

Rollover to IDP 2.0

13 March 2012

On 3-5 April 2012, NCARB will implement the final phase of IDP 2.0. If you are in the process of completing the IDP, it is important to fully understand all of the rollover rules and how your individual circumstances may be affected by the rollover.

The Rollover
  • At noon EDT 3 April 2012 the e-EVR shuts down.
  • On 5 April 2012, the final phase of IDP 2.0 launches, along with a new reporting system.
Simplified Experience Settings:

In IDP 2.0, the current seven work settings will be rolled over to three experience settings: A (Practice of Architecture), O (Other Work Settings), and S (Supplemental Experience). [more]

  • Hours earned under the current work setting A will automatically be rolled over to the new experience setting A. [more]
  • Hours earned under work settings B, C, and D will automatically be rolled over to experience setting O. [more]
  • Hours earned under work settings E, F, and FF will automatically be rolled over to experience setting S. [more]
Understand the New Experience Settings:
  • New! For the new experience setting A and opportunities within O, your IDP supervisor must be licensed in a U.S. or Canadian jurisdiction, but not necessarily in the jurisdiction where he or she is located (If you are earning experience in New York or Texas, contact your state board to verify the supervisor requirements for those jurisdictions.)
  • If you are currently employed in a work setting other than work setting A, you need to understand the opportunities and limitations of your new experience setting.
    • New! Interns can earn up to 930 IDP core experience hours through qualifying academic internships that meet the employment requirements and are in experience setting A or O.
    • If you are currently in work setting B, you may be able to earn hours in experience setting A in IDP 2.0. Discuss the changes with your supervisor.
    • If you are working under the direct supervision of a landscape architect or an engineer, registered in the United States or Canada, you will be able to earn core hours in all categories and experience areas under experience setting O (formerly limited to categories B, C, and D).
    • If you are currently employed in Design or Construction under work setting E, you will be rolled over to experience setting S, where you will be able earn a maximum of 930 hours in any relevant experience area (formerly limited to categories C and D).

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