IDP Supervisors and Mentors: What You Need to Know About IDP 2.0

Rollover to IDP 2.0

On 3-5 April 2012, NCARB will implement the final phase of IDP 2.0. Your interns will need to evaluate how their individual circumstances may be impacted by the rollover and new program requirements. With your support, interns can make a plan for staying on track to meet experience requirements in IDP 2.0.

The Rollover

  • At noon EDT 3 April 2012 the e-EVR shuts down.
  • On 5 April 2012, the final phase of IDP 2.0 launches, along with a new reporting system.
Supervisors Do Not Need to Approve Hours by April 3

Interns have been advised to submit their experience in the e-EVR well in advance of the April 3 rollover to IDP 2.0, but supervisors and mentors DO NOT need to approve the submitted experience by this date. NCARB anticipates system slowness leading up to the April 3 shutdown of the e-EVR, so supervisors and mentors are advised to limit their use of the system during that time.

Helping Interns

Check out the rollover webpages for supervisors and mentors to learn how to help interns through the rollover to IDP 2.0. You will find information about key program changes that you, as an IDP supervisor or mentor, should be aware of when reviewing interns' progress and offering guidance on how to plan for the rollover and beyond. Additionally, the IDP 2.0 Supervisors and Mentors Webcast provides helpful information about the rollover to IDP 2.0.

New Online Reporting System

On April 5, NCARB will launch a new online reporting system in My NCARB. The system has a new look and feel, and has been designed with flexibility in mind—allowing for additional features to be built and rolled out over time. The new online reporting system is intended to improve the IDP reporting experience for all system users.

Supervisors and Mentors Screenshot

Sample view of the new online reporting system coming April 5.

IDP 2.0 is coming!

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