NCARB Outreach Visits Penn State

State College, PA—NCARB Outreach is on the move, this time connecting with Penn State architecture students with a presentation on “Designing Your Future: Creating Value in Your Career” and an exhibition during the Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Career Day.

Bob Holland, AIA, NCARB, Associate Professor of Practice of Architecture, Penn State, thinks NCARB’s outreach is valuable for students, “it is very important for NCARB to have ‘a face’ and not be seen as just a big organization that somehow may be seen as a ‘hurdle’ to registration. In fact, NCARB is there to help.”

NCARB’s Manager, Intern Development Program (IDP) Martin Smith, AIA, NCARB, LEED Green Associate was in the middle of the action during Career Day, speaking one-on-one with students and answering a variety of questions, particularly related to the IDP. “While I think the material on the NCARB website is generally pretty clear, it is always best to hear it first-hand. Martin’s energy and enthusiasm go a long way toward making NCARB less daunting,” said Holland.

“Some students expressed concern about whether the economy would impact their ability to secure jobs in architecture firms, so they wanted to understand all their options for earning IDP credit,” said Smith. In IDP 2.0, in experience settings O and S, interns have opportunities to earn experience hours working under the direct supervision of other professionals as well as earn core and elective hours whether or not employed. While all interns must earn 1,860 hours of experience in experience setting A, under the direct supervision of an architect licensed in the U.S. or Canada, in an organization engaged in the lawful practice of architecture, they have a range of options for earning the remaining number of hours to complete the IDP.

If you are interested in having NCARB Outreach speakers come to your school or event, contact Martin Smith, Manager IDP at