NCARB Outreach Speaks at AIAS Spring Quad Conferences

Nick Serfass

1 May 2012

NCARB Outreach was invited to deliver presentations on “Designing Your Future: Creating Value in Your Career” at the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) regional conferences held during March and April. Known as Quad Conferences, these meetings take place in the spring and fall in the Midwest, South, West, and Northeast, hosted by local AIAS chapters.

Audiences for NCARB presentations included architecture students at all levels, with more than 300 students in total attending the four NCARB presentations. For many, it was their first exposure to NCARB—and to the Intern Development Program (IDP) and licensure process.

Students had a range of questions about education requirements (including implications of attending NAAB- vs. non-NAAB-accredited schools), working abroad, and earning credit for supplemental experience opportunities. NCARB Assistant Director of IDP, Nick Serfass, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP said the audiences were really engaged and asked great questions.

This year’s AIAS Spring Quads were held in Amherst, MA; Spokane, WA; Charlotte, NC; and Detroit, MI—conference themes for MA and WA had a strong sustainable design focus, while those in NC and MI were focused on architecture challenges and opportunities faced by their host cities. In addition to NCARB, the conferences featured a range of guest speakers, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., AIAS President Nick Mancusi, AIAS President-Elect Matthew Barstow, and a number of experts from local firms and organizations.

If you are interested in having NCARB Outreach speakers come to your school or event, contact Martin Smith, Manager IDP at