NCARB Board Prepares to Wrap Up Fiscal Year

April Board Meeting 

7 May 2012

On April 19-21 President Scott C. Veazey, AIA, NCARB, led the Board of Directors through three full days of presentations and discussions on Council finances, long-range strategic issues, resolutions, and items that came up from a variety of NCARB committees.

BOD General Business

  • The Board spent a significant amount of time during the meeting reviewing the first draft of the FY13 budget and a long-range planning forecast through FY16.
  • The FY13 budget will include necessary expenses associated with technological advances to continue NCARB’s commitment to improving customer service, and furthering our investment in the ARE.
  • The BOD approved the following changes to The NCARB Grant program:
    • The name of the program will change to the NCARB Award.
    • Up to three (previously seven) NCARB Awards will be given in FY13. A total of $75,000 will be available.
  • The BOD voted to have the Internship Committee further study what is an appropriate duration requirement for internships.
  • The BOD voted to remove all Canadian content and references/rationales from all items in the ARE item bank and all exam forms delivered after July 2013.
  • Board members reported on the progress of three long-range strategic issues.
    • Second Vice President Blake Dunn presented on financing programs while maintaining long-term financial stability
    • Director, Region 6, Jon Alan Baker presented non-provider roles for continuing education
    • Director, Region 3, Kristine Harding presented on the value of the NCARB Certificate
  • The Board reviewed and voted on 12 resolutions for consideration the 2012 NCARB Annual Meeting in June.

CEO Update Highlights

  • McKinley Advisors will assist NCARB with developing planning solutions related to the Council’s growth, purpose, and mission.
  • Over the next few months, NCARB will review and assess its Strategic Plan and adopt a revised plan in the fall.
  • The Member Board relation program continues with several more visits lined up. Each visit provides a more thorough understanding of each jurisdiction’s needs, their similarities, and their differences.

The NCARB Board of Directors meets next at the NCARB Annual Meeting in June in Minneapolis, MN.