2012 NCARB Annual Meeting: NCARB CEO Reflects Upon Past Year's Results

Mike Armstrong

21 June 2012

Minneapolis, MN—Michael J. Armstrong reflected upon his first year as NCARB CEO, affirming, “we have adopted a strategic approach that values planning, assumes action, and acknowledges that there is no such thing as a ‘risk-free’ environment.”

Armstrong shared highlights of the past year’s activities and celebrated the opportunities ahead, during his address to the membership at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). He noted how the Council has worked to strengthen relationships across the profession, moving toward a more strategic culture, and making a commitment toward transparency and open communication. These efforts have “enabled us to be more nimble,” and “our members, stakeholders, and other friends have responded positively and immediately to asking ‘why?’ and ‘why not?”

The Council’s focus during the past year was on “planting the seeds” and positioning NCARB to achieve its strategic initiatives that will “blossom into significant programmatic and cultural changes.” Armstrong applauded achievements that included the successful rollout of IDP 2.0, revision of the reactivation fee policy that’s resulted in lapsed Certificate holders returning to the fold, and an ongoing effort to provide greater depth and transparency in reporting on Board activity.

Armstrong also shared a sneak preview of results of NCARB’s Perception Survey and new data warehouse capability, two resources that he expects to contribute toward greater depth of knowledge of trends in the profession and to enhance the Council’s ability to serve its key stakeholders.

He closed his address by calling upon members to “join with us—and to stick with us—as we see results in the days and years to come.”

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