2012 NCARB Annual Meeting: New NCARB President Predicts Fast-Paced, Productive Year Ahead

Ron Blitch

23 June 2012

Minneapolis, MN—Ronald B. Blitch, FAIA, FACHA, NCARB, 2012-2013 NCARB President/Chair of the Board, advised the membership to “fasten your seat belts and fill up the gas tank,” indicating a fast-paced year ahead for the Council. “Those that know me know that I like taking action, and keeping things moving.”

Blitch shared his vision for the coming year and highlighted several initiatives during his address to the membership at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). He underscored that the next year will be guided by feedback received from blue-sky discussions, known as “Horizon 20/20,” a reference to 2020 and to having a clear, 20/20 view toward the future. “Our focus on Horizon 20/20 is keeping us on a forward path. We need to keep asking ‘why?’ and “why not?” Through these long-range discussions, the Council is looking at the pathway to licensure, future iterations of the ARE, and ways to add value to the NCARB Certificate, among many other opportunities.

Blitch offered demographic highlights from the recently conducted Practice Analysis of Architecture survey, which yielded nearly two million data points, indicating that “the respondent pool is very representative of the stakeholder community, and…will give us a useful snapshot of today’s architect, educator, and intern.” Results of the survey will serve as a roadmap for the next iterations of the IDP and the ARE.

Blitch also congratulated CEO Mike Armstrong on completing his first year at the helm, “it has been a year of accomplishments and forward momentum that has us all jumping.” He closed his address by congratulating those who have accepted committee appointments, thanking them for their service to the Council.

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