2012 NCARB Annual Meeting: Looking Into the Future

2012 Annual Meeting

22 June 2012

Minneapolis, MN—Day two of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN, kicked off with the address of President/Chair of the Board Scott C. Veazey, AIA, NCARB.

“Our entire strategic planning process is better positioned for the coming year … a plan reflective of not only our values but our hopes for the future.” With the addition of a “blue-sky” element to the strategic planning process, Veazey said that a series of “what if?” discussions have been helping to ensure the Council is forward thinking and agile enough to respond to the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. [more]

Looking Into the Future
Then, delegates heard from keynote speaker Futurist David Zach. He posed several questions about the profession and where it goes from here.

“My role is not to tell you what to think about the future, but how to think about the future,” Zach said. “It’s the choices between change and tradition that result in progress.”

Learn more about Zach at www.davidzach.com.  

The NCARB Grant Becomes the NCARB Award
Education Committee Chair Daniel D. Bennett, Alabama, discussed the 2011 NCARB Grant recipients. A total of $75,000 was awarded to six proposals from NAAB-accredited programs or candidates for NAAB accreditation.

After conducting a focus group at last year’s Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ASCA) annual meeting, the Education and Practice Education committees recommended some changes to the NCARB Grant Program. In 2012, the NCARB Grant will become the NCARB Award and a total of $75,000 will be available for up three proposals. [more]

In addition, attendees heard from Morgan State University’s Ruth Connell, a 2008 NCARB Grant recipient. She showed how her program has integrated practitioners into the curriculum and the benefits to students.

“Our program is designed to promote mentorship,” said Connell. “Students are excited to have contact with architects and the office environment before they leave school.”

The Long View
The NCARB Board of Directors has spent the last year looking at the Council Strategic Plan and started to think beyond the current goals. President Veazey, First Vice President Ronald B. Blitch, and CEO Michael Armstrong took attendees through what the Council is working on and the ideas that work groups are thinking about.

“We need to maintain our focus on the future and how we get there,” Veazey said.

Thursday, 21 June 2012 
Feet on the Ground, Eyes to the Sky 
NCARB CEO Reflects Upon Past Year’s Results and Opportunities Ahead

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