2012 NCARB Annual Meeting: Outgoing NCARB President Veazey Looks Back on a Year of Progress, Partnership, and Planning for the Future

2012 Annual Meeting

22 June 2012 

Minneapolis, MN—2011-2012 NCARB President/Chair of the Board Scott C. Veazey, AIA, NCARB, reported that it’s been a dynamic year at the Council—and a “year of teamwork.” “We are thinking more like a business and acting more like a partner.” During his address to the membership at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), Veazey highlighted several achievements from the past year and pointed toward the opportunities ahead.

“Our entire strategic planning process is better positioned for the coming year…a plan reflective of not only our values but our hopes for the future.” With the addition of a “blue-sky” element to the strategic planning process, Veazey said that a series of “what if?” discussions have been helping to ensure the Council is forward thinking and agile enough to respond to the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. He also reiterated that we are meeting our commitment to running an organization that assures our public that we are guarding their health, safety, and welfare.

Veazey remarked on the successful implementation of the final phase of the Intern Development Program (IDP) 2.0, noting that “the superiority of the new reporting system, the greater flexibility in acquiring hours through alternative means, and the stronger emphasis on public and nonprofit service all indicate our ability to keep the IDP relevant and reflective of the practice analysis process.”

He pointed toward the 2012 Practice Analysis survey as an example of the Council’s collaborative mindset, underscoring that the survey benefitted enormously from early and continued interaction with all of the architectural collateral organizations. Additionally, the new survey tool and data approach yielded over two million distinct data points, which the Council will be analyzing and using to drive future development of the IDP and the Architect Registration Examination (ARE).

Veazey thanked and acknowledged the membership for all that they do in their jurisdictions to preserve the trust vested in each of us.

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