2012 NCARB Annual Meeting: A New Horizon

20 June 2012

This week, delegates from NCARB’s member jurisdictions will travel to Minneapolis, MN, for the Council’s 93rd Annual Meeting. This year’s focus will be looking to what’s next on the horizon for the Council’s programs and services. Delegates will learn more about our current and future initiatives.

In addition, delegates will elect the FY13 officers and vote on resolutions that will modify the Council's Bylaws, requirements for certification, or model law/regulations. They will also have the opportunity to attend workshops on the evolution of IDP, NAAB accreditation, statistical analysis of NCARB Record holders, and insights on future architects from the meeting’s keynote speaker Futurist David Zach.

On the Horizon
Of particular interest to delegates will be the plenary sessions that will cover everything from an update on ARE research and development to what’s on the horizon related to the organization’s long-range strategic initiatives.

Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Sky
Over the last few years, NCARB has been working behind the scenes on its electronic infrastructure to streamline processes and improve services for our customers and members. In the last year, the Council has launched My NCARB and a new online reporting system to accommodate the rollover to IDP 2.0. NCARB’s Director, Information Systems Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate and Director, Records Doug Morgan will be on hand to talk about the variety of technological changes NCARB has seen in the past few years, and how they have positively impacted the customer experience.

Last year, NCARB met with educators at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) annual meeting to gain feedback on the NCARB Grant Program. The conversation led to some significant changes to the program, which will be unveiled at the Annual Meeting.

Certification Guidelines
In July, the Handbook for Interns and Architects will be replaced with Certification Guidelines. The new document is more user-friendly and includes additional information on the process of applying for the NCARB Certificate.

ARE Research and Development Update: A Culture of Change
Last fall, the Council selected a new team of vendors to guide the ARE. Prometric will remain the site management consultant, and Alpine Testing Solutions will take over content and candidate management in July 2013. This will mean new services and transparency for candidates and Members Boards as well as a re-evaluation of the best path forward in developing and administering the exam. NCARB’s Vice President, Programs Stephen Nutt, AIA, and Director, ARE Erica Brown, AIA, will walk Members through what’s ahead in research and development.

Strategic Plan and Blue Horizon Activities
In 2010, the Council updated its vision and Strategic Plan. Since then, it has been working on long-range strategic initiatives to bring it fruition. Simultaneously, the Board continues to look ahead to what’s next on the horizon. NCARB CEO Michael Armstrong, NCARB President Scott Veazey, AIA, and NCARB First Vice President Ron Blitch, FAIA, will show the membership how far we’ve come in the past year—and what’s on our collective horizon.

Stay Tuned
NCARB will be posting regularly on its website and its social media pages throughout the week. Be sure to check us out!


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