2012 IDP Coordinators Conference: Sharing Best Practices

Coordinator Panel

29 July 2012

Chicago, IL—Day two of the Intern Development Program (IDP) Coordinators Conference focused on updates of several programs related to licensure and sharing best practices across all points of the path to licensure.

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Executive (NCARB) CEO Michael J. Armstrong; Vice President, Programs Stephen Nutt, AIA, CAE; and Director, IDP Harry M. Falconer Jr., AIA, NCARB, discussed several Council programs and initiatives from the last year. Armstrong went over NCARB by the Numbers, the Council’s recent publication that includes several statistics on the IDP and licensure. Falconer gave insights on the 2012 Practice Analysis of Architecture. And Nutt introduced the new NCARB Award and gave an overview of how the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) is developed and changes that will occur next July when the exam switches to a new vendor team.

Sharing Best Practices
The three types of coordinators—educator, state, and auxiliary—had an opportunity to meet as individual groups to discuss what they do to assist students and interns to reach their professional goals. They shared ideas and tactics that can be easily implemented in other schools or jurisdictions.

In addition, a panel of various coordinators shared stories from the field and offered advice to other coordinators. The panel was moderated by NCARB’s Assistant Director, IDP Nick Serfass and featured:

  • Alaska State Coordinator Jason Arnold, Assoc. AIA
  • Connecticut State Coordinator Michael Ayles, AIA, NCARB
  • Florida State Coordinator Nathan Butler, AIA
  • Illinois State Coordinator Frank Heitzman, AIA  
  • Maine State Coordinator Kimberly Tuttle, Assoc. AIA
  • Virginia State Coordinator Corey Clayborne, AIA, NCARB
  • Educator Coordinator Alexis McCune (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Educator Coordinator Lynn Burke (Northeastern University)
  • Auxiliary Coordinator Haley Gipe, Assoc. AIA (Darden Architects, Fresno, CA)

When asked to describe their role as a coordinator in one word, some words chosen were “connecter,” “advocate,” and “resource.” The panel shared insights they had gleaned from the conference and goals they would like to achieve in the next year, which ranged from hosting ARE study groups to starting an IDP forum for students and interns to learning more about licensure and meeting the people who are making the rules.

“I encourage the students and interns to follow the path that NCARB has set,” said Tuttle. “The other ways are so much harder.”

“I tell them they should celebrate every achievement,” said Clayborne. “There are seven divisions to the exam, and passing one is a reason to celebrate.”

When asked what advice they would give to an IDP supervisor, they all encouraged supervisors to be engaged in the process, approve IDP experience reports quickly, and read the IDP Guidelines.

“Being a supervisor is more than signing off on a experience report,” said McCune. “You are guiding a future architect.” “Be engaged with them. It is beneficial to both the supervisor and the intern,” she said.

Of their role as IDP coordinators, Aylers offered this, “Today’s interns can find the answer to everything online. So when they do ask you a question, it is because they really need your help.”

For more information on the conference, check out NCARB’s News section and our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ncarb) for photos from the conference.

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