More than 1,000 Architects Took Advantage of Special Savings Offer

25 July 2012

Thanks to a special NCARB offer during May-June 2012 that waived all past due renewal fees, more than 1,000 architects took advantage of the savings opportunity and reactivated their Records/Certificates. The goal of the “fee amnesty” offer was to provide some financial relief and help facilitate reactivation in the current economic climate. The offer was delivered through targeted marketing by NCARB, and was also distributed by many state Boards of Architecture and AIA components.

We understand that the current economy has been challenging for many in our profession, and that the NCARB Certificate is a powerful credential and tool to assist you with growing your business. Going forward, the maximum cost to reactivate a lapsed record has been capped at the current cost of a new application for NCARB certification ($1,500). Previously, no cap was set for the record reactivation process and all past due renewal fees were required.

The special offer did not include customers whose Records went inactive while in an intern status. NCARB plans to make a similar offer this fall to both interns and recently licensed architects who renew their lapsed NCARB Record. Taking advantage of this offer could equate to substantial savings, depending on how long a Record has been lapsed.

NCARB will broadcast the next offer details through our website, via targeted e-mails to interns and recently licensed architects, and through communications to our partner organizations.

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Certification Overview
NCARB certification facilitates reciprocal registration among all 54 NCARB Member Boards and 11 Canadian jurisdictions.