New Data From NCARB Reveals Key Trends in the Profession

18 July 2012

Washington, DC—New analytics from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), available in its NCARB By the Numbers publication, reveal exciting information about the profession—including the average time to complete the Intern Development Program (IDP), the average time between graduation and licensure, and the increasing number of women entering the profession.

"Thanks to several years of investment in our information systems, and nearly 100 years worth of NCARB Record information in our holdings, our data mining capability—and ability to provide insights into the profession as a whole—has dramatically increased," said NCARB CEO Michael J. Armstrong.

"We're thrilled to report that the data 'busts' the myths that have proliferated for years about how long it takes to complete the IDP or to achieve licensure," said Armstrong. According to the data, the median—one measure of central tendency—time to complete the IDP, based on an intern's application year, is about five years, and the median time from graduation to initial licensure is seven years.

Average Time to Complete IDP

Looking at NCARB Record applications by gender shows a demographic shift. Learn more about this significant trend by clicking here to download NCARB By the Numbers.

NCARB By the Numbers also includes data from NCARB's Perception Survey conducted in December 2011 with interns and architects.

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