NCARB Member Board Executives Meet in Boston

2012 Member Board Executive Workshop

2 November 2012

Boston, MA—The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) welcomed 33 executives representing U.S. jurisdictions to Boston, MA, for the 2012 Member Board Executive (MBE) Workshop. The Workshop is an opportunity for executives to meet their counterparts in other jurisdictions, share best practices, and discuss the issues related to regulating architectural licensure. This year, the Workshop is being held in conjunction with the Member Board Chairs/MBE Conference, which begins November 2.

The Tasks Ahead
The meeting began with Nevada Executive and NCARB’s MBE Committee Chair Gina Spaulding giving an overview of the committee’s charges and goals for the year. This year’s charges relate to topics such as electronic seals and signatures, a definition of welfare, and incidental practice.

Strategic Thinking
Attendees also heard from NCARB President Ronald B. Blitch, FAIA, NCARB, FACHA; CEO Michael J. Armstrong; and the Board of Directors’ MBE Director Jan Simpson on important issues the Council is currently working on.

Simpson gave executives an overview of the initiatives such as the Strategic Plan update, Council outreach, and the practice analysis. “A lot has happened over the last year, and there is a lot of energy surrounding the Council,” said Simpson.

The Board recently worked on an update to the Strategic Plan to sharpen its focus and reflect current progress. “An annual review and update is a natural progression to keep a strategic plan relevant to emerging issues. At the same time, we were able to consolidate and clarify objectives included in the original version of the plan,” said Blitch.

“We are instilling a culture of planning in the organization,” said Armstrong. “Now, we are working to stay ahead of issues.”

Member Board Outreach
Simpson cited a new level of transparency from the organization that is evident from increased communications after Board meetings and detailed monthly newsletters on the Council’s activities. She encouraged MBEs to volunteer for NCARB committees, “Your feedback is critical. We are central to the boards we serve and to NCARB,” she said.

Of particular note, CEO Mike Armstrong and other members of NCARB staff will have visited 20 state boards by the end of the year. These visits are designed to build stronger relationships with boards and identify common issues. “These visits are also a chance for other board members, who don’t get to attend NCARB meetings, to have an opportunity to ask questions and get a better sense of NCARB’s mission and goals, and how boards interact with NCARB,” said Simpson.

Shared Resources
No matter the jurisdiction, all executives have similar duties and responsibilities to their boards and registrants. The first part of the workshop focused on how the executives can be resources for each other on several topics such as meeting and board member management, strategic thinking, and disseminating information. The second part of the meeting focused on how the Council can facilitate larger conversations and serve as a resource on national issues.

FY14 Member Board Executive Director
The executives nominated Kate Nosbisch, MBE to the Virginia Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers, and Landscape Architects, to serve as the MBE Director on the NCARB Board of Directors beginning in July 2013. The MBE Director is a voting member of the Board of Directors and represents the executives in discussions. Nosbisch will be formally elected to the Board at the 2013 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, next June. 

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