NCARB Board Focuses on Several Key Initiatives for Early 2013

December 2012 NCARB Board of Directors Meeting

20 December 2012

On December 6-8, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Board of Directors met in New York City to focus on several key issues related to the Strategic Plan, the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), the Practice Analysis, and the Council’s contribution to the National Architectural Accrediting Board’s Accreditation Review Conference (ARC).

BOD General Business
The Strategic Plan

  • The Board approved updates to the Strategic Plan.
  • Updates related to the plan will be integrated into Council directorates’ work plans.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The Council “welcomed back” over 2,000 interns and architects through its second Welcome Back campaign that took place in October and November.
  • The Council will continue to fund two delegates from its Members Boards to attend the Annual Meeting in June.
  • The Council received a clean audit in October from its auditor, and a report that the Council is in good financial health.
  • The Audit Committee reviewed proposals from five audit firms and held final interviews to select the Council’s auditor. The committee selected Tate and Tryon.

Architect Registration Examination

  • The ARE Research Team presented research on alternative options for future ARE development related to new graphics technology and scoring methodologies.
  • The team will next research the variables around the numbers of sections, items, and vignettes.
  • The Council’s ARE and Information Systems Directorates are working in tandem with the exam consultants to ensure a smooth data migration in July 2013. A blackout period beginning 1 July 2013 will be enacted for up to eight weeks to complete the data migration. [more
  • The new consultant team will allow for new benefits for Member Boards and candidates.

ARC Conference and Paper

  • The Board reviewed and commented on the Council’s draft paper for the National Architectural Accrediting Board’s (NAAB) Accreditation Review Conference (ARC) Conference.
  • The paper will include data from the 2012 Practice Analysis as well as blue-sky concepts regarding the role of the academy in licensure.
  • The draft paper is due to NAAB by 31 January 2013.

Practice Analysis Update

  • The survey data will be broken into three reports (education, internship, and examination) for use by the various NCARB committees.
  • The first report, related to education, will be released upon the publication of NCARB’s contribution to the NAAB ARC.
  • All reports will be available prior to the NCARB Annual Meeting in June.

CEO Update Highlights

  • The Intern Think Tank was held December 14-15. The objective of the think tank is to explore blue-sky ideas related to the future of internship, analyze the current program’s real-world implementation and effectiveness, and inform the Intern Development Program (IDP) from the perspective of the intern community. [more]
  • A new IDP weekly reporting and widget tool launched on December 17. [more]
  • NCARB’s CEO Michael J. Armstrong and related staff will visit the Member Boards of Georgia, North Carolina, and New Jersey.
  • NCARB staff met with American Institute of Architects (AIA) to discuss issues regarding CE quality.
  • President Ronald B. Blitch and CEO Armstrong will attend the AIAS Forum in late December to present, “Licensure—The Big Picture.”

Note: This news clip was updated on January 4.

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