2013 NCARB Annual Meeting: Celebrating a Bright Future

2013 NCARB Annual Meeting

19 June 2013

This week, delegates from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ (NCARB) member jurisdictions will gather in San Diego, CA, for the Council’s 94th Annual Meeting. It has been a busy year for the Council, and the Annual Meeting will take the time to celebrate major achievements as well as kick off the next phase of development for some of our major programs.

In addition, delegates will elect the FY14 Board of Directors and vote on resolutions that will modify the Council’s Bylaws, requirements for certification, and model law/regulations. They will also have the opportunity to attend workshops related to multidisciplinary boards, enforcement policies, legal issues related to regulation, and the development of ARE 5.0.

The Road Ahead
Of particular interest to delegates will be the plenary sessions that will cover everything from the future of the ARE to how the Council is using its new data warehouse to inform its decisions.

The Path to ARE 5.0
For several years, NCARB committees have been discussing concepts for the next version of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE)—ARE 5.0. This year, committees will move into the development phase. Members will hear what committees will be investigating and the proposed timeline for development and implementation.

The Practice Analysis of Architecture
In 2012, NCARB conducted its latest Practice Analysis of Architecture survey, which has provided essential insight into the practice of architecture. On Friday, NCARB Senior Architect Stephen Nutt, AIA, NCARB, CAE, will give an overview of our reports' key findings and how the Council will use the information to guide the development of its programs. [Practice Analysis]

New Perspectives on the IDP
First Vice President/President-Elect Blakely C. Dunn will be the first NCARB president to have completed the Intern Development Program (IDP). On Saturday, Dunn will lead a panel discussion with members of the NCARB Intern Think Tank, the IDP educator coordinator from the University of Minnesota, and the Intern Development Program Advisory Committee co-chair to begin the discussion of what’s next for the IDP.

Data Driven Decisions
Last year, NCARB released the first edition of NCARB by the Numbers, which provided charts and information based on NCARB Record holder data. In July, the Council will release the second edition, and NCARB’s Information Systems Director Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate will share how the Council is using this information to inform decisions about its programs. [NCARB by the Numbers]

Follow Along
NCARB will be posting regularly on its website and social media pages throughout the week. We will be using the hashtag #NCARB13. Be sure to join the conversation!


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The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards protects the public health, safety, and welfare by leading the regulation of the practice of architecture through the development and application of standards for licensure and credentialing of architects.