ARE Blackout Begins

1 July 2013

The blackout is finally here! For approximately eight weeks, scheduling divisions, taking tests, and creating or adjusting eligibilities for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) are all on hold.

But there’s still plenty you can do over the summer. The blackout is your time to prepare for success. Take a look at the following items to best utilize your time during the blackout and make the most of your examination experience.

  1. Find your candidate ID number—after the blackout, you may need this number to link your examination information to your NCARB Record. Your candidate ID can be found on any score report or on your initial Authorization To Test letter. If you can’t find any of these, please contact NCARB customer service directly at  
  2. Fact Sheet—get the cold hard facts on what will and won’t be changing during the blackout and after we launch the new My Examination portal. And make sure to check out the new My NCARB Record!
  3. Tip Sheet—learn some useful tips and tricks for making the most of the blackout and preparing yourself for the new My Examination portal.
  4. FAQs—have a question about how the blackout or the new My Examination portal might work? Take a look at our FAQs!
  5. Follow NCARB on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for the ARE Update mailing list.
  6. Study!

New Examination Score Reports

One additional way to get ready for the launch of My Examination is to familiarize yourself with the new examination score report design. The launch of My Examination will bring redesigned score reports that will include clearer rolling clock information, the test specification for the division, and limited diagnostic information for failed exams. To help make this transition as easy as possible, we’ve created a helpful guide: How to Read the New ARE Score Report.