ARE 5.0: Coming 2016

14 November 2013

ARE Candidates can look forward to an exciting new era for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). As announced in June 2013, the NCARB Board of Directors voted to approve the development of ARE 5.0, the next version of the examination, set to launch in fall 2016.

Work on ARE 5.0 is already well underway, as volunteer architects from across the country gathered during summer and fall to begin shaping the exam through their service on NCARB committees. As part of ARE 5.0 development, the Council is investigating the incorporation of dramatic new breakthroughs in graphic testing methods and the use of case studies.

NCARB is committed to communicating with candidates early and often about the future exam, offering tips and resources to help candidates prepare and plan for the transition.


Important Dates


  • Division and exam structure are expected to be finalized in December 2013.
  • Information about the transition from ARE 4.0 to ARE 5.0 will be announced in late spring 2014.
  • ARE 5.0 is set to launch in late 2016, with development and integration testing taking place over the next few years.


Steps You Can Take to Stay Informed

  • Visit – Our new ARE 5.0 page features up-to-date details about the future exam, including informative videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and other related content.
  • Subscribe to ARE Update – This e-bulletin will share important announcements as decisions are made about the future exam, and will provide helpful resources to candidates to help them plan for the transition to ARE 5.0. [Subscribe]
  • Follow us on Social Media – We’ll also share ARE 5.0-related news through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (hashtag #ARE5), and YouTube.

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