NCARB Board Looks to Streamline Several Council Programs

December 2013 Board of Directors Meeting

20 December 2013

In early December, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Board of Directors convened in Santa Barbara, CA, to review multiple strategic initiatives to improve Council programs. While in California, the Board also took the opportunity to meet jointly with the California Architects Board.

Strategic Initiatives


  • The Board heard options to streamline or overhaul the Intern Development Program (IDP). The Board identified options for an internal special project team to further study, and asked it to include information related to implementation efforts, timeline, and cost for the next Board meeting in April.
  • The Council is also reviewing ways to reduce the burden and cost of the Broadly Experienced Architect (BEA) and Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect (BEFA) programs. Both programs are heavily subsidized by the Council and cumbersome for applicants to complete. A team presented over 30 options to streamline or overhaul the programs, and the Board selected 18 for further study.
  • The Board heard an update from the Licensure Task Force, which is investigating a pilot program that would allow for licensure upon graduation. The task force is studying each of the components of licensure to identify overlaps and create a pilot program that maintains current standards, removes redundancy without the loss of rigor, and engages the profession to create a more integrated and collaborative process. [Learn more]
  • The Board approved the test specification and division structure for ARE 5.0. [Learn more].
General Board Business

  • For the first time, the Board conducted a joint meeting with one of its Member Boards—the California Architects Board. Members of the California Board have been prevented from participating in several Council-related activities due to severe travel restrictions. The Board took the opportunity to update members on changes taking place at the Council and hear their feedback on new initiatives.
  • A report from Treasurer Margo Jones informed the Board that financial activity is slightly below budget in the first quarter of the fiscal year due to the ARE blackout this past summer. Test administrations in October through December are expected to exceed activity from both 2011 and 2012. In addition, applications for intern Records and NCARB Certificate transmittals are up from previous years.
  • The Board approved funding for two members from each registration board to attend both the Regional Summit in March and the Annual Business Meeting in June. Funding will also be available for the board executive to attend both meetings.
  • First Vice President/President-elect Dale McKinney reviewed the charges of the new Public Member Outreach Task Force. The group is tasked with identifying ways to support public members in their role in regulating the profession.
  • President Blake Dunn reported that the Public Director Task Force has invited three applicants to interview for the public director position on the Board of Directors. Current Public Director Lynn Axelroth is serving her last term on the Board.
  • A search is underway for new legal counsel. Long-time chief counsel, Daniel Taylor of DLA Piper Rudnick in Boston, is retiring. A final selection is expected in April 2014.
  • The Regional Leadership Committee has recommended amending the qualifications for regional director on the Board of Directors. A resolution will be developed for Member Board consideration.
  • Five members of the Board of Directors declared their intention to seek office on the FY15 Board of Directors. They are:
    • First Vice President/President-elect: Dennis S. Ward (South Carolina)
    • Second Vice President: Margo P. Jones (Massachusetts)
    • Treasurer: Kristine A. Harding (Alabama)
    • Secretary: Gregory L. Erny (Nevada) and John R. Sorrenti (New York)
CEO Update

CEO Michael Armstrong updated the Board on a number of initiatives that are set to launch in December and early 2014.

  • Changes to the eligibility and duration requirements for the IDP went into effect on December 16. [Learn more]
  • The Intern Think Tank met in Washington, DC, December 13-14. [Learn more]
  • A new, dynamic Annual Report for fiscal year 2013 was released.
  • The Council is working on its first mobile application. Interns will be able to report IDP experience from their iPhone. The app—call My IDP—will be available in January 2014.
  • Work has begun on several database systems that will improve the committee application and annual renewal processes.
  • Examination-related committees are moving to the “proof of concept” phase for new item types for ARE 5.0.
  • A campaign is underway to remind ARE candidates that any examination scores from before 2006 will expire 1 July 2014. [Learn more]
  • Five committees and task forces will meet in late January for the 2014 Committee Summit in New Orleans, LA.
  • The new U.S./Canadian Recognition Agreement will go into effect 1 January 2014. Around 30 U.S. jurisdictions and all 11 Canadian provinces have signed the agreement. The Council expects additional jurisdictions to sign the agreement in early 2014.
  • Nearly 50 ARE divisions have been administered in London and Abu Dhabi since September. [Learn more]
  • The Federación de Colegios de Arquitectos de La República Mexicana (FCARM) awarded the CONARC medal to President Blake Dunn, Past President Ron Blitch, and former Chief Executive Officer Lenore M. Lucey in recognition of their efforts toward international licensure with respect to the implementation of the Tri-National agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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