IDP Just Got More Flexible

16 December 2013

In October, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) announced two exciting changes to the Intern Development Program (IDP) that will go into effect 16 December 2013:

  • The removal of the duration requirement will allow interns to earn IDP experience regardless of a project’s duration.
  • The simplified eligibility requirement will allow interns to begin earning credit upon graduation from high school.

Elimination of the Employment Duration Requirement
The elimination of this requirement allows interns to earn work experience for short-term projects and/or experience obtained over a winter or summer break while in school. Before, interns were required to work for 15 hours per week for eight consecutive weeks to earn experience toward the IDP.

Simplified IDP Eligibility Requirement
Now interns can earn experience straight out of high school, and will no longer need to submit a form to set their eligibility date. Prior to the new rule, interns could establish an IDP eligibility date by enrolling in a NAAB-/CACB-accredited degree program; enrolling in a pre-professional architecture degree program; or being employed in experience setting A after obtaining a high school diploma.

Effective immediately, interns will be able to earn experience straight out of high school without submitting a form to set an eligibility date. However, interns will need to enter their high school diploma information in My NCARB.

Learn more
Check regularly for the latest information about IDP and the path to licensure. And be sure to download the latest version of the IDP Guidelines, updated December 2013.