2014 NCARB Annual Business Meeting: Continuous Innovation

2014 NCARB Annual Meetings

20 June 2014

Philadelphia—Day two of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Annual Business Meeting in Philadelphia kicked off with a series of engaging reports from NCARB leadership.

Evolution and Revolution
2013-2014 NCARB President Blakely C. Dunn, AIA, NCARB, declared fiscal year 2013 a resounding success for the Council, citing a number of high-impact changes to NCARB services and programs. “We have continued to evaluate our major programs and proposed changes that seemed to be ripe for consideration,” Dunn said.

Of special significance to Dunn were modifications to the Intern Development Program (IDP), since he is the first NCARB president to complete the program. In addition to the proposals to streamline and overhaul the program announced on Thursday, the last year saw simplified eligibility dates, a new mobile app to report experience, and a modification to the reporting requirement. [more]

Year in Review
NCARB CEO Michael J. Armstrong reflected on a year of momentous change, continuous innovation, and renewed relationships with Member Boards and collateral organizations. “History cannot be made without tending to and building relationships,” Armstrong told delegates.

Investigations into several new initiatives kicked off this year, including the Licensure Task Force, which is looking into an additional path to licensure that could be achieved at graduation from an accredited degree program. “Our success in moving from blue-sky speculation to ground level action has strengthened our resolve to be a thought leader, a risk taker, and a cheerleader for licensure,” Armstrong said. [more]

In addition, Treasurer Margo P. Jones, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, of Greenfield, MA, provided a review of the Council’s finances and the next fiscal year’s budget. “We have been able to serve our Member Boards without fee increases for the fourth year in a row,” she told delegates. In honor of this year’s theme of “Making History,” Jones asked attendees if they knew when NCARB first borrowed money. The answer? In 1920, a year after the organization was formed, the Illinois Society of Architects loaned the Council $250—a loan that would help propel the organization forward. Board members will vote on the FY15 budget this Sunday.

NCARB to Shorten ARE Retake Policy
Armstrong announced the ARE retake policy will decrease from six months to 60 days, with up to three retakes per division within a year, effective 1 October 2014. The change is possible because of the recent implementation of My Examination. [Learn more]

Thursday, 19 June 2014
A Historic Conversation 
NCARB proposes realigning the IDP to reflect contemporary practice 
NCARB proposes to drastically reduce time to certification for broadly experienced and foreign architects

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2014 NCARB Annual Business Meeting: A Historic Conversation
NCARB President Blakely C. Dunn, AIA, NCARB, called to order the 95th Annual Business Meeting in Philadelphia today.

ARE Retake Policy to be Shortened to Allow Three Retakes a Year
Effective 1 October 2014, the wait time for retesting ARE® divisions will decrease from six months to 60 days with up to three retakes in a running year per division.