2014 NCARB Annual Business Meeting: Making History

2014 NCARB Annual Meetings

21 June 2014

Philadelphia—On day three of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Annual Business Meeting, delegates elected officers for FY15 and voted on five resolutions related to the Council’s Bylaws and requirements for NCARB certification.

What’s in a Name?
2014-2015 NCARB President Dale McKinney, FAIA, is forming a Future Title Task Force, which will be chaired by 2013-2014 NCARB President Blake Dunn, to review the terminology used for those who are architect candidates and those who are licensed architects. “The focus of the Task Force is a big topic, fraught with controversy,” McKinney said. “But if we don’t tackle it now, then when? With all that we have accomplished, with our mission clear and our capacity strong, we are at the right moment to continue making history.” [more]

Forging an Additional Path
In May, the NCARB Board of Directors endorsed the concept of licensure at graduation from an accredited degree program. Members of NCARB’s Licensure Task Force and 2013 Intern Think Tank participated in a panel discussion about the proposed concept and next steps. Included in the discussion were:

  • Ohio Executive Amy Kobe
  • Florida Architect and State Board Member Miguel Rodriguez
  • Intern Think Tank Chair Susanne Tarovella
  • Intern Think Tank Member Aaron Trahan
  • NCARB Past President Ronald B. Blitch

“This additional pathway will not replace any of the current pathways,” Blitch said. “This is about creating a more structured, integrated approached for those who know that they want to get licensed right from the start.”

“What we are really talking about is better architects earlier,” added Rodriguez. “This doesn’t in any way reduce rigor—in my opinion it enhances it.”

Data and the Profession
NCARB’s Information Systems Director Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate provided an update on the Council’s data gathering initiative, system developments, and data security. To provide a fuller picture of the profession, the Council is working with state boards to gather more data related to architects. Since NCARB doesn’t license architects, its data is limited to architects who have the NCARB Certificate to provide insights into the profession. “It’s an expectation for our systems to be smart, especially in this day and age,” Ortiz de Zarate said. “It’s imperative that we, the Council and Member Boards, work together to serve our constituents seamlessly.”

FY15 Board of Directors
The NCARB Board of Directors will have five new members in FY15.

  • David R. Prengaman, AIA, NCARB, from Providence, RI, is the new director of Region 1.
  • Susan B. McClymonds, AIA, CSI, from Amsterdam, NY, is the new director of Region 2.
  • Robert M. Calvani, AIA, NCARB, from Albuquerque, NM, is the new director of Region 6.
  • Kingsley J. Glasgow from Little Rock, AR, is the new Member Board Executive Director.
  • John G. Cameron Jr. from Grand Rapids, MI, is the new public director.

FY15 NCARB Board of Directors 

For their service to the Board, Dunn recognized Past President Ronald B. Blitch; Director, Region 1 Christopher P. Williams; Director, Region 2 John R. Sorrenti; MBE Director Kate R. Nosbisch, and Public Director Lynn R. Axelroth.

2014 Resolutions
Fifty-two of the 54 NCARB Member boards were present to vote on five resolutions. [more]

Updated NCARB Bylaws and Certification Guidelines reflecting the changes voted on at the Annual Business Meeting will be available in July.

Friday, 20 June 2014 
Continuous Innovation 
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Thursday, 19 June 2014 
A Historic Conversation 
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