IDP Saved Reports May Be Affected by the AXP Launch

Note: This page was updated on June 2, 2016. 

On June 29, 2016, the Intern Development Program (IDP) will be updated to reflect six broad areas of current architectural practice—and renamed the Architectural Experience Program (AXP).

Before AXP launches, you should review any reports you have in saved status in the following areas:

Submit Prior to June 29:
Review and Possibly Submit After June 29:

  • Construction Work: This opportunity will be eligible for 320 experience hours in the Construction & Evaluation area, rather than its current restriction to additional hours. 
  • AIA Continuing Education for HSW: Continuing education that qualifies for HSW credit will be eligible for 20 hours per experience area, rather than its current restriction to additional hours. Continuing education that only qualifies as non-HSW learning units will no longer qualify for AXP.

Since these experiences will be treated differently after AXP launches, your NCARB Record will be affected by your decision to submit your reports either prior to or after June 29, 2016.

If you would like to record experience hours for these opportunities under IDP requirements, you must submit your report before June 29, 2016.

Not sure how your hours will look after the AXP launch?? You can use the Experience Calculator to explore how your hours will transfer.

Don’t Wait—Submit Now

The system will be slow as the AXP launch approaches since more licensure candidates than usual will be accessing the system. Please be patient, and submit your reports sooner rather than later.

Talk to Your Supervisor

These experience reports must be submitted prior to June 29, 2016, to apply under current requirements; however, your supervisor does not need to approve any of the submitted experiences prior to June 29, 2016.

Take this opportunity to meet with your supervisor and discuss how your saved reports will be affected by the AXP launch, and review any reports you plan to submit prior to the launch.

Questions? Our customer service team is always here to help at 202-879-0520 or, or click here to learn more about the upcoming AXP launch.