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NCARB by the Numbers (2015)
This year’s NCARB by the Numbers explores the behavior of aspiring architects on the path to licensure in an entirely new format.

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2012 Practice Analysis of Architecture
The 2012 NCARB Practice Analysis of Architecture is the most comprehensive practice analysis ever conducted by the Council. The final report includes the full set of previously published individual reports that focused on education, internship, examination, and continuing education. The findings will be used to shape our programs and policies over the coming years and inform important discussions within the profession related to the path to licensure.

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ARE 5.0: Frequently Asked Questions
Learn the answers to some frequently asked questions about ARE 5.0.

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ARE 5.0 Test Specification
The ARE 5.0 Test Specification, approved by the NCARB Board of Directors in December 2013, identifies the division structure of the exam and additionally defines: the major content areas, called sections; the measurement objectives; and the percentage of content coverage, called weightings.

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Certification Guidelines
Updated July 2016! The Certification Guidelines outlines the requirements for NCARB certification for U.S., Canadian, and foreign architects.

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ARE Guidelines
Updated July 2015! The ARE 4.0 Guidelines is essential reading for anyone preparing for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The document includes an overview of the exam divisions as well as the exam program, the rolling clock, exam eligibility, and five steps to taking and completing the ARE.

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AXP Guidelines
Updated June 2016! The AXP Guidelines is essential reading for licensure candidates, supervisors, and mentors participating in the AXP. The document includes steps to completing the program, reporting procedures, experience requirements, and more!

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Education Guidelines
Updated July 2016! The Education Guidelines provide a general overview of the education requirement for NCARB certification, and explains how architects who do not hold a professional degree in architecture from a NAAB-accredited program can satisfy this requirement.

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Continuing Education Requirements
Most jurisdictions require that architects complete some form of continuing education to update their skills to renew their license. Learn each state's requirements.

Exam Security
NCARB takes upholding the integrity of the ARE very seriously—for the integrity of the profession and in order to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the public.