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NCARB webcasts and videos have been developed to help interns and architects understand and stay up-to-date on the latest developments and rules affecting NCARB programs.

Destination: Architect - Overview
To be an architect, you need to be licensed. Here's an overview of the path to licensure and how to get started.

2012 NCARB Intern Think Tank member Michael Archer shares his thoughts about the future of licensure.

NCARB Explores Additional Pathways to Licensure
NCARB Past President Ronald B. Blitch, FAIA, FACHA, NCARB offers an overview of the special Licensure Task Force launched by the NCARB. Comprised of architects, educators, and emerging professionals from across the profession, the task force is analyzing each component of the licensure process as a basis for exploring potential additional pathways that lead to licensure.

Destination: Architect - Education
Before choosing a degree program, make sure you're aware of the education requirement for architectural licensure.

Destination: Architect - Experience
Earning experience is an essential step on the path to becoming an architect. Learn more about how to meet the experience requirement for architectural licensure.

Destination: Architect - Examination
If you want to become an architect, you'll need to pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). Here's what you need to know about fulfilling this important requirement for licensure.

Destination: Architect - Licensure and Certification
Earning a license means you can call yourself an architect. Here's what you need to know about applying for licensure and making the most of your career through certification.

NCARB Talks: The IDP Experience
Martin Smith, NCARB's manager of the Intern Development Program (IDP) talks about his participation in the IDP and the importance of working with his supervisor throughout the program.

NCARB Talks: One Path to Licensure
Meet Jared Zurn, the assistant director of ARE development at NCARB. Zurn talks about his unique path to licensure and why earning a license and the NCARB Certificate was important to him.

Student to Architect: The Path to Licensure
Earning a license to practice architecture is an important milestone in your career. Watch a short video as NCARB architects discuss the path to licensure and the essential steps involved.