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The e-Connection is sent to all Record and Certificate holders electronically twice a year as a companion to our print newsletter, Direct Connection. Topics cover the latest information on NCARB’s programs and services. Below are links to and brief descriptions of past issues.

Please note: Information and instructions in past e-Connections may be out of date. Please check our web site for the latest information on NCARB's programs and services.

e-Connection: NCARB Award - Bridging the Gap Between Education and Practice (September 2012)
In July, NCARB unveiled a new name—the NCARB Award—for its prestigious program that grants funding for new initiatives that integrate practice and education in the academy. The Council will bestow a maximum of three Awards in 2012, from a total award pool of up to $75,000. Read about past recipients and how the Award impacted their institutions in this special edition e-Connection.

e-Connection: NCARB “Busts Myths” with New Data on the Profession (July 2012)
NCARB released a new publication, NCARB By the Numbers, that provides a new source of data information on the profession. In this edition of e-Connection, NCARB CEO Michael Armstrong talks about its significance and what it tells us about the profession.

e-Connection: 2012 NCARB Practice Analysis of Architecture (March 2012)
Everyone in the profession—from practitioners and educators to professional organizations—has an important role to play in developing the best architects possible. It is with this shared sense of purpose that stakeholders across the profession joined together in an unprecedented level of collaboration to develop the 2012 NCARB Practice Analysis of Architecture Survey.

e-Connection: Standardizing Continuing Education (October 2011)
NCARB's 54 U.S. Member Boards passed significant changes to the continuing education (CE) requirements in the NCARB Model Law and Model Regulations at the 92nd NCARB Annual Meeting and Conference in June. Learn about NCARB's recommendation and read frequently asked questions.