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Architectural Acoustics (e-book)
Architectural Acoustics

“With some understanding of basic acoustical principles, how materials and structures control sound, many problems can be avoided altogether or, at least, solved in the early stages of the project at greatly reduced cost.” -William J. Cavanaugh, FASA, INCE (Bd. Cert.)

Everything from the site selection to the arrangement of the spaces within has an influence on the acoustics of a building. Sounds travel certain paths and understanding those paths will allow your building to enhance the sounds you want and diminish the sounds you do not.


  • Six chapters authored by experienced consultants in the field of architectural acoustics

  • Each chapter includes a list of references, recommendations for further reading, and at least one case study

  • Nearly 200 photos, illustrations, charts, and tables

  • Three appendices covering conversion factors, abbreviations, and units; acoustical societies; and how to select an acoustical consultant


William J. Cavanaugh, FASA, INCE (Bd. Cert.), has been an acoustical consultant since 1954. He is a founding partner and senior principle of Cavanaugh Tocci Associates Inc. in Massachusetts and has served as president of both the National Council of Acoustical Consultants and the Institute of Noise Control Engineering.

Joseph A. Wilkes, FAIA , is registered architect and an editor of the five-volume Encyclopedia of Architecture . He has taught at architecture schools at both the University of Florida and the University of Maryland and served on the Building Research Advisory Board of the National Academy of Sciences.

Other chapters are authored by: Rein Pirn, FASA; Gregory Tocci, FASA, INCE (Bd. Cert.); L. Gerald Marchall, FASA; David L. Klepper, FASA, FAES; J. Jacek Figwer, FASA, FAES; Gary W. Siebein, FASA; Betram Y. Kinzey, FASA emeritus.

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