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Professional Conduct (e-book)
Professional Conduct

"The shock of the occasional failure brings us to our senses and forces us to reevaluate our conduct."
—Robert A. Rubin and Lisa A. Banick, "The Hyatt Regency
Decision: One View"

Offering an engaging and lively case study approach, Professional Conduct focuses on the standards all architects are legally obliged to follow. As licensed professionals, architects run the risk of losing the right to practice if appropriate standards are not heeded.


  • The monograph presents both actual as well as fictional cases of misconduct. Fictional scenarios ask the reader to take the role of the professional or member of a state registration board who must make a decision and/or ruling.

  • As is often true in real life, the "right answer" to a scenario may not be readily apparent. This approach is intended to challenge the reader, leading to a better understanding of the professional conduct requirements all architects must follow.

  • Various resources inform the monograph, including NCARB's Rules of Conduct. Highly detailed appendices offer additional reading opportunities.

Daniel A. Taylor, Esq., served as legal counsel for NCARB.

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497 pages
Published 2000

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