NCARB Award for the Integration of Practice and Education


The NCARB Award will be on hold in 2016 in order to re-evaluate how the initiative can better recognize and inspire innovation in the academy.

 Since 2001, NCARB has awarded more than $1 million to schools through the NCARB Award. The Award recognizes architecture programs that integrate practice and education; raise awareness of the architect’s responsibilities for the public health, safety, and welfare; bring non-faculty practitioners into the academy; and address specific criteria outlined in this section.

Funding from the Award supports the efforts of architecture programs to create and implement effective new, for-credit curricular approaches that raise awareness about issues central to practice. Each project should have a long-term, ongoing impact on architecture students and faculty and the program’s curriculum.

The 2015 NCARB Award recipients were announced November 12. [Learn more]


The NCARB Award is intended to address specific areas in which the academy can bridge the gap between education and practice and better prepare students for experience opportunities and future careers as architects. [more

[Issues Central to Practice]  [Project Outcomes and Evaluations]  [Award Funding

Program Requirements

Faculty members in architecture schools that are located in one of NCARB's 54 Member Board jurisdictions and that have a program that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) are eligible to serve as project directors for the NCARB Award, and therefore eligible to submit NCARB Award proposals. Faculty members in program that are candidates for NAAB accreditation and that are located in one of NCARB's 54 Member Board jurisdictions are also eligible to submit proposals. [more]

Notification of Awards

The NCARB Award Jury met in fall 2015 to select Award recipients and determine funding amounts, and announced the recipients in November 2015.


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    Award Recipients

    Learn about the 2015 NCARB Award recipients. [more]

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