Award Project Outcomes and Evaluation

Project Outcomes
The NCARB Award requires that applicants articulate the outcomes they expect to result from the proposed project. Projects must demonstrate for-credit curricular approaches and must articulate the learning outcomes the project is intended to produce.

Project outcomes should propose specific, measurable changes in knowledge, understanding, skill levels, or approaches related to the purpose of the NCARB Award. Project outcomes might, for example, propose measurable increases in students’ knowledge or skills, or might propose documented impact on curricular approaches that will result in the long-term integration of practice and education.

Please note that a specific amount of service that will be delivered, or the approach itself is not an outcome. Project outcomes are the changes that will result from the services and approaches that will be implemented through the NCARB Award-funded project.

Project Evaluation Plan
Each proposal must include a plan for assessing the success of the project. It should be appropriate to the scope of the project and designed to obtain objective documentation of:

  • the degree to which the expected project outcomes are being achieved
  • the degree to which the project is being implemented as planned

Evaluation information will be critical in producing interim and final reports. And it should also be used by project director(s) in monitoring implementation and progress. Evaluation data should provide guidance for refining and improving the project as it progresses from year to year.

[NCARB Award Conditions]