IDP Coordinators

IDP Coordinators

The IDP Coordinators program exists to facilitate the flow of information to students and interns on the path to licensure. NCARB develops and improves resources for the coordinators regarding all NCARB programs, while the American Institute Architects (AIA) facilitates training related to their programs such as mentorship.

IDP coordinators are committed to the profession, many serving voluntarily, as a point of contact and resource for interns. The collective knowledge of the coordinators offers a variety of perspectives on the profession. These individuals often have the opportunity to be the first introduction to the licensure process for students and interns. As such, they play a significant role in educating and guiding interns through the process.

There are three types of coordinators:

IDP Educator Coordinators are appointed by the dean of each architecture school with a NAAB-accredited degree program. They are responsible for distributing information and providing guidance to students at their school on the IDP and the path to licensure. [Job Description]

IDP State Coordinators are appointed by each state AIA component. They are volunteers that stay up-to-date on the latest information on the IDP, ARE, and state licensing requirements, acting as resources for interns in their state. They often give presentations and participate on AIA and NCARB committees related to the IDP. [Job Description]

IDP Auxiliary Coordinators are volunteers that educate their community about the IDP. They are often associated with firms, local AIA components, state boards, or AIAS chapters. [Job Description]

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In July 2010, NCARB assumed the leadership and management of the IDP Coordinators program in agreement with the AIA. Both organizations believe the migration of leadership will continue to strengthen the program.