You may have noticed we gave our website a makeover!  

Though most of the content is the same, the updated site features a redesigned home page and navigation to help you swiftly find the resources you need. 

Here’s an overview of what's new on  

  • Relevant updates in one place: Our new homepage highlights our key resources, recent news, and program updates 
  • All the education info you need: Find all things education-related in our new “Earn a Degree” section of the website 
  • Accessibility: Our website is now easier to read for all users, including those using screen-reading software 
  • Uncluttered design: We’ve created a new Data & Resources hub, so you can easily find the resource you’re looking for 
  • Focus on your licensure journey: Direct links to jurisdiction requirements on the Licensing Requirements Tool (for example, will take you directly to your state’s requirements 

Speaking of the Licensing Requirements Tool ... did you know it’s one of the most-used tools on our website for aspiring and practicing architects? With the Licensing Requirements Tool, you can not only see the specific requirements for licensure and renewal where you live, but you can also easily compare it to requirements in other jurisdictions! Through the tool, you can: 

  1. Click the type of requirements you want to see (initial licensure, reciprocal licensure, renewal, or practice) 
  2. Click on the jurisdiction you want to see requirements for 
  3. See what your jurisdiction requires by reviewing the items highlighted in blue 
  4. Share or reference your requirements at any time with new direct links (e.g.,  

You can also click “Take a Tour” on the Licensing Requirements Tool page to help you get the most out of this helpful tool! 


Have any questions about the Licensing Requirements Tool or the refreshed website? Reach out via the Contact Us page—we’re happy to help you get the most out of the updates and point you toward existing features that are still available for you whenever you need them.