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FY15 NCARB Annual Report

In FY15, our community of Member Boards, volunteers, and partners set several key initiatives in motion that moved the organization forward, embraced new opportunities, and expanded our horizons.

FY14 NCARB Annual Report

Learn more about NCARB's initiatives and highlights throughout the year in FY14 NCARB Annual Report. 

FY13 NCARB Annual Report

The FY13 NCARB Annual Report reviews highlights from throughout the fiscal year. 

NCARB President Kristine A. Harding 

Learn more about 2016-2017 NCARB President Kristine A. Harding, NCARB, AIA, of Huntsville, AL.

Dennis S. Ward, FAIA, NCARB 

Learn more about 2015-2016 NCARB President Dennis S. Ward of Florence, SC.