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FY13 NCARB Annual Report

The FY13 NCARB Annual Report reviews highlights from throughout the fiscal year. 

NCARB President Kristine A. Harding 

Learn more about 2016-2017 NCARB President Kristine A. Harding, NCARB, AIA, of Huntsville, AL.

Dennis S. Ward, FAIA, NCARB 

Learn more about 2015-2016 NCARB President Dennis S. Ward of Florence, SC.

Dale McKinney, FAIA 

Learn more about NCARB's FY15 President Dale McKinney, FAIA.

Destination Architect: The 2015 Annual Report (Nov-Dec 2015)

Take an inside look at some of the accomplishments we’ve made to help aspiring architects reach their goals in the FY15 Annual Report.