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National Architect: Understanding Architectural Regulation in Your State (Mar-May 2018)

Learn about proposed regulation that could impact the practice of architecture in your state.

National Architect: Giving Back to Your Profession & Community (Jan-Feb 2018)

As a nonprofit, social responsibility guides everything we do at NCARB. Here are some of the ways we're giving back to our community—and you can, too.

National Architect: Now Available: 2017 NCARB Annual Report (Nov-Dec 2017)

Check out the annual report to catch up on this year’s advancements to all of NCARB’s major programs.

National Architect: Is the Architecture Profession Becoming More Diverse? (Sept-Oct 2017)

Learn more about trends in gender, racial, and ethnic diversity in the 2017 edition of NCARB by the Numbers.

National Architect: New 2017 Licensure Data (Jul-Aug 2017)

Visit our 2017 data center for interactive charts about the path to licensure, diversity in the profession, and architectural education.