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Predesign Planning X: Predesign Plan

Predesign Planning Part X: Predesign Plan

Learn how to develop and present a final predesign plan that includes relationship matrices and diagrams, space planning sheets, project schedules, and design ideas. By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to properly present values, goals, facts, needs, and ideas in either a paper or electronic format.

Destination Architect: NCARB Releases Latest Data on Licensure, Diversity, and Attrition (July-Aug 2019)

NCARB’s 2019 report features new data on the path to architectural licensure.

National Architect: Explore the Rich History Behind NCARB’s Jurisdictions (April-May 2019)

Learn about fascinating firsts and trailblazing members who have played a major role in shaping the national standards for registration and reciprocity we know today.

Supervisor Update: Take Advantage of New AXP Supervisor Resources

Supervisors play an essential part in guiding candidates through the AXP. Review these resources to help identify your roles and responsibilities.

Why You Should Finish the ARE This Year (Jan-Feb 2018)

Whether you’re testing in ARE 4.0 or 5.0, here are some reasons why you should make 2018 the year you pass the ARE.