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National Architect: Trends in Licensure Support (Mar-Apr 2017)

Learn more about how licensure candidates perceive the support they receive from their supervisors at firms across the country.

Destination Architect: A Candidate’s Take on ARE 5.0 (Jan-Feb 2017)

Learn what to expect from the new exam with this breakdown of the format and features of ARE 5.0—from a candidate who’s been there.

National Architect: Find New Career Opportunities Through New Arrangement With Australia and New Zealand (Jan-Feb 2017)

Michael Sweeney is the first architect to take advantage of a new opportunity to use his NCARB Certificate to become registered in Australia and New Zealand.

Destination Architect: Redefining Equity in Architecture (Nov-Dec 2016)

Architect Devanne Pena shares advice on earning a license and her experiences as a minority in the AEC field.

National Architect: Help Your Candidates Switch to ARE 5.0 (Nov-Dec 2016)

The latest version of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), ARE 5.0, launched November 1. Here’s everything you need to help licensure candidates in your firm make the switch.