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Study Resources

Where can I find the latest information about the ARE?

Stay up-to-date on the latest ARE news by subscribing to our free e-newsletters, ARE Update and Destination Architect.

Where can I find ARE 5.0 study materials?

NCARB’s ARE 5.0 Handbook includes a breakdown of each division, sample questions, suggested study resources, and more. You can also find real-time advice from NCARB’s experts on the ARE 5.0 Community, as well as exclusive prep videos on our YouTube channel.

Where can I find ARE 4.0 study materials?

NCARB offers a free exam guide and practice program for each ARE 4.0 division. You can also find real-time advice from NCARB’s experts, plus exclusive prep videos, on the ARE 4.0 Community.

How can I take an ARE 5.0 practice test?

You can access the free ARE 5.0 Demonstration Exam, which includes 20 practice questions, through My NCARB.

How can I practice using the ARE 4.0 vignette software?

You can access the free practice programs virtually through My NCARB or install the practice program for each division. Please note: installing the individual practice programs requires Windows XP Mode, which you can download from Microsoft’s website.

Does NCARB review and/or recommend ARE study materials?

NCARB does not currently review or recommend any third-party study materials. However, you can find suggested ARE 4.0 reference materials in the Exam Guides and ARE 5.0 reference materials in the Handbook.