Gregory L. Erny, NCARB, AIA

2015–2016 Second Vice President

Q & A

with Second Vice President

Gregory L. Erny, NCARB, AIA

What were your main responsibilities as NCARB’s second vice president? Tell us about your personal highlights from the year.

As Board liaison to the Member Board Executives Committee, what are your key takeaways from spending time with this community?

How is NCARB working with our architectural collaterals to improve the path to licensure?

You’ve dedicated your time and expertise to several examination committees. How do you feel about the ARE’s evolution over the past decade?

You opened your own practice in 1983—just two years after earning a license. How does being a firm owner influence your work at NCARB?

What initiatives will you focus on next year as NCARB’s 2016-2017 first vice president?