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Reciprocity With the United Kingdom

U.S. and U.K. architects can now use their credentials to get licensed in each other's countries—learn more about the requirements and contact us to get started. 

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Licensure Requirements

Use our interactive tool to explore licensing requirements in your home state or any of NCARB’s 55 jurisdictions.

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Data & Resources

ARE 5.0 Guidelines

ARE 5.0 Guidelines

Includes exam policies, scheduling instructions, and more for candidates testing with PSI. Updated February 2024. 

AXP Guidelines

AXP Guidelines

This document includes steps to completing the AXP, reporting procedures, experience requirements, and more. Last updated May 2020.

Certification Guidelines

Certification Guidelines

This document outlines the requirements for NCARB certification for U.S., Canadian, and foreign architects. Last updated July 2022.

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With this credential, architects can easily apply for out-of-state licenses, plus access to free continuing education courses.