Setting O includes other experience opportunities that can be performed outside an architecture firm or while working for an architect licensed in a country other than the U.S. or Canada. Some of these opportunities allow you to gain AXP experience while unemployed or working in a related field.

There is no minimum number of hours required for this experience setting, although each opportunity has a maximum limit.

Opportunity Type Who Approves Where the Hours Go Hours
Other Work Experience Under Licensed Professionals Employment AXP Supervisor Any AXP experience area Up to 1,860 hours
Design or Construction Related Employment Employment AXP Supervisor Any AXP experience area Up to 320 hours
Community-Based Design Center/ Collaborative Volunteer “Designated" AXP Supervisor Any AXP experience area Up to 320 hours
CSI Certification: CCCA Certification NCARB Construction & Evaluation 40 hours
CSI Certification: CCS Certification NCARB Project Planning & Design 40 hours
Design Competitions See Opportunity Details Mentor Any AXP experience area Up to 320 hours
NCARB’s Professional Conduct CE Course Self-Directed NCARB Practice Management Up to 10 hours
Site Visit With Mentor See Opportunity Details Mentor Construction & Evaluation Up to 40 hours
Construction Work Employment or Volunteer AXP Supervisor Construction & Evaluation Up to 320 hours
AIA Continuing Education for HSW See Opportunity Details NCARB Any AXP experience area Up to 20 hours per area

For all opportunities that require employment, you must be paid for your work. To explore the details of each opportunity in setting O, read our AXP Guidelines.

Academic Internships

If you have a paid academic internship that meets all the requirements for a specific setting O work opportunity, you can report relevant experience for AXP credit in the same way as any other setting O experience. You do not need to identify academic internships or have them pre-approved by NCARB.