Under the design competition opportunity in experience setting O, you can earn up to 320 hours of experience by completing and submitting a design competition entry. The competition must be completed outside of your employment and/or academic coursework.

If you participate in a design competition as part of paid work for a firm, your work should be reported under either setting A, O: Other Work Under Licensed Professionals, or O: Design or Construction Related Experience.

To report experience under this opportunity, the design competition must meet the following criteria:

  • Be completed under the supervision of a mentor
  • Align to at least one AXP® task
  • Be for a building or planning project
  • Be a structured competition with specific requirements
  • Be sponsored by a recognized business entity, government agency, or professional association
  • Include appropriate credit on the competition entry for your work

When you report this experience, you must also complete a Design Competition Verification Form, which can be submitted through your NCARB Record. For more information on this opportunity, read the AXP Guidelines.