Practice Management focuses on running an architecture firm. Under this area, you’ll gain experience managing a business, marketing your firm, securing projects, working with clients, and sustaining a positive and professional work environment.

Required hours: 160

Some of the tasks in this area may be tough to tackle early in your career—such as developing procedures for responding to changes in project scope, or establishing procedures for documenting project decisions. That’s why it’s important to meet with your supervisor regularly and create a plan for getting exposure to a variety of opportunities.

As you gain Practice Management experience, work with your supervisor to ensure you’re able to:

  • Adhere to ethical standards and codes of professional conduct
  • Develop professional and leadership skills within firm
  • Comply with laws and regulations governing the practice of architecture
  • Prepare proposals for services in response to client requirements
  • Prepare final procurement and contract documents
  • Participate in community activities that may provide opportunities or design of facilities that reflect community needs
  • Understand implications of project delivery technologies
  • Develop procedures for responding to contractor requests (Requests for Information)
  • Participate in professional development activities that offer exchanges with other design professionals
  • Prepare marketing documents that accurately communicate firm's experience and capabilities
  • Understand implications of policies and procedures to ensure supervision of design work by architect in responsible charge/control
  • Establish procedures for documenting project decisions
  • Maintain positive work environment within firm that facilitates cooperation, teamwork, and staff morale
  • Develop procedures for responding to changes in project scope
  • Develop and maintain effective and productive relationships with clients
  • Establish procedures to process documentation during contract administration