Starting June 14, 2022, you can take the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) through our new exam delivery partner, PSI. PSI will replace Prometric for both in-person and online testing.

A timeline for testing with PSI.

Migrating to PSI

Starting April 26, candidates can now migrate their exam eligibilities to NCARB’s new exam delivery vendor, PSI. After you migrate, you can begin scheduling exams with PSI through our refreshed “Exams” tab in My NCARB. Learn everything you need to know about migrating to PSI, navigating the new Exams tab, and scheduling with PSI.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The exam isn’t changing. The ARE’s content, structure, navigation, and tools are not changing as part of the PSI migration. You can continue preparing for the ARE using the same resources and study methods you’re already using—but you should refer to our draft ARE Guidelines for Testing With PSI for things like appointment check-in, scheduling, and other policies. Note: These Guidelines are subject to change as we get closer to the migration to PSI.

You can start testing with PSI on June 14, 2022. June 14 is the first day exam appointments will be available, but you can migrate to PSI and begin scheduling appointments now.

Unused exam seats (seat credits) will transfer to PSI. If you purchased exam seats under Prometric and they haven't expired, you can use them to schedule appointments with PSI after you migrate. 

May 31, 2022, is the last day to test with Prometric. You can continue scheduling, rescheduling, and testing with Prometric through May 31. After May 31, you’ll be automatically migrated to PSI.

Prometric appointments can’t be transferred to PSI. Because of the way the appointment system works, we can’t cancel your Prometric appointments, offer refunds for existing Prometric appointments, or move a Prometric appointment to PSI’s system. You can continue rescheduling Prometric appointments as long as the reschedule window allows, but ultimately, you’ll have to take any Prometric appointments with Prometric or forfeit the cost of that appointment.

Want to browse PSI test center locations? Use NCARB’s list. Moving to PSI will allow NCARB to offer the ARE at more physical test centers than are currently available with Prometric, thanks to PSI’s third-party test center network. If you’re trying to find your nearest PSI test center, don’t use Google or PSI’s website—they won’t include those third-party test centers. Please use the list on our website for the most comprehensive list of test centers that meet NCARB’s technical and security requirements.

Get ready for a better exam experience. NCARB chose PSI because of the benefits they can offer exam candidates, including:

  • More direct customer service, including dedicated online proctors who will be familiar with the ARE policies and procedures
  • More flexible and less expensive exam rescheduling, plus the option to cancel PSI appointments and retain some of the cost of the exam (see the draft Guidelines for details)
  • More detailed feedback on failing score reports, including a scaled score
  • More physical test center locations

View PSI's webpage for more information. PSI has created a webpage for ARE candidates the provides helpful resources to prepare you for a PSI exam appointment, including what to expect at a PSI test center and how to prepare for a PSI-proctored online appointment.