The AXP® Portfolio is an alternate method of documenting experience—designed exclusively for individuals who have at least two years of AXP qualifying experience that falls outside of the five-year reporting requirement.

Your candidate will submit a collection of PDFs, images, certificates, and/or documents, called exhibits, to demonstrate their ability to competently perform all 96 tasks identified by the AXP. As an AXP Portfolio supervisor, you’ll review and evaluate these exhibits for competency. Learn more about reviewing and approving an AXP Portfolio.

It is important to meet with your candidate prior to starting the portfolio process. During the meeting, have the AXP Guidelines open for a detailed look at AXP’s six experience areas, a list of tasks that fall within each area, and an overview of AXP Portfolio requirements. This will allow you and your candidate to discuss what you expect them to include in their online portfolio.

To be an AXP Portfolio supervisor, you must be one of the following:

  • Current architect supervisor. You have been licensed to practice architecture in the United States for at least six months, have known the candidate for at least six months, and the candidate currently works under you.
  • Architect mentor. You have been licensed to practice architecture in the United States for at least one year and have known the candidate for at least one year. This is only an option if the candidate does not currently work for an architect.

Before your candidate starts building their portfolio, you will need to approve past “duration only” experience reports. To learn more about AXP Portfolio eligibility and requirements, see the AXP Guidelines.

AXP Portfolio Training Course

Be sure to take NCARB’s training course for AXP Portfolio supervisors, which also qualifies for continuing education credit! This course is mandatory for portfolio supervisors.