Once licensure candidates have completed the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) and Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®), NCARB will review each candidate's NCARB Record thoroughly and send it to their jurisdiction. This process may take up to 15 days. If additional information is required, this process may be delayed.

Candidates will receive an email notification once their Record has been sent to their jurisdiction's board.

The flowchart below includes additional steps candidates may need to take to complete the licensure process.

Are you a foreign architect? If no: Move to the next step. If yes: NCARB will confirm that you meet the requirements for the NCARB Certificate. Once you have paid the associated fee, you’ll be issued a Certificate number you can use to apply for reciprocal licensure in a U.S. jurisdiction.
Question 2: Have you confirmed which jurisdiction you are pursuing licensure in? If yes: Move to the next step. If no: If the jurisdiction listed in your NCARB Record does not match the jurisdiction where you want to be licensed, contact us right away.
Question 3: Do you know if your jurisdiction has additional requirements? If yes: move to the next step. If no: Some jurisdictions have extra requirements, such as additional experience or a location-specific supplemental exam before licensure. Check to see the requirements in your jurisdiction using our interactive map.
Question 4: Have you submitted your application to your jurisdiction? If yes: Move to the next step. If no: You must submit a licensure application to your jurisdiction’s board. Please check your jurisdiction’s requirements in the step above to access their licensure application.
You're good to go! Move to the bonus step.
Bonus step: Expand your professional reach. Once you’re licensed, you can easily apply for additional licenses around the country and internationally with the NCARB Certificate. This professional credential offers mobility, free continuing education, and more.