Completing the AXP and ARE while earning your degree requires drive and determination—and the right resources to navigate the path to licensure. Here are some tools to help you become a succesful IPAL graduate.

"We have had a great success assigning our students to the firms as shadows, which [often] have transformed to AXP [opportunities] for IPAL students. The key to the success has been the great interest from the practitioners in the cause of IPAL and the booming economy." 

—NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Education Resources

  • IPAL Advisor—Each IPAL option has a designated IPAL advisor dedicated to offering guidance at your NAAB-accredited program. Your advisor will be able to guide you through IPAL enrollment and other school-related aspects of participating in IPAL. Not sure who your IPAL advisor is? Contact us at
  • Architect Licensing Advisor—In addition to your IPAL advisor, each NAAB-accredited program has an architect licensing advisor, who can help answer many questions you may have about the AXP and the ARE. Find your licensing advisor.

AXP Resources

  • AXP Guidelines—Essential for all candidates completing the experience program, this document guides you through the program’s rules and requirements.
  • Your Guide to the AXP—This quick overview will fill you in on the basics of the experience program, including some FAQs.
  • AXP Supervisors—Need help navigating your candidate/supervisor relationship? Visit the Supervisors and Mentors section of our website for more tools and resources.
  • Destination Architect—Sign up for our Destination Architect newsletter for the latest program updates.

ARE Resources

  • ARE 5.0 Guidelines Learn everything you need to know about starting the ARE, scheduling an exam, going to the test center, and other important examination policies.
  • Your Guide to the ARE—Explore the basics of preparing for the exam, arriving at the test center, and more with this quick overview.
  • ARE 5.0 Community—Through the community, you’ll have access to exclusive prep videos, advice from NCARB experts and fellow test-takers, and more.

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