To complete the AXP, you’ll need to earn a variety of experience from all areas of architectural practice. Finding a firm that will support your path to licensure by providing you with the work opportunities you need is essential.

Many candidates will not be able to gain all the experience necessary to complete the program at a single firm. Before you leave a firm, be sure your supervisor approves any remaining experience reports.

Check in regularly with your AXP supervisor to discuss your next steps and how the firm can help you reach your career goals—our Licensure Progress Worksheet can help guide your conversations with your supervisor and enable you to identify next steps. 

Your AXP Supervisor

Under experience setting A, your AXP supervisor must be an architect licensed in the United States or Canada who supervises you on a daily basis and has direct knowledge of and control over your work. Experience setting O provides for some additional opportunities supervised by a mentor or other licensed professional.

At most firms, you will be assigned an AXP supervisor based on who is responsible for your work. You may have multiple AXP supervisors while documenting the AXP.

Learn more about your supervisor’s role.

Firm Support

Most architects and architecture firms value licensure and are willing to support candidates as they work toward becoming architects. Support can come in a variety of ways, and you may need to ask for guidance, financial support, or mentorship. Here are some topics you can discuss with your firm (or potential firms you are interviewing with):

  • Opportunities to work on a variety of projects and tasks
  • A group or community with other candidates at the firm who are pursuing licensure
  • Financial support toward the cost of your NCARB Record and licensure
  • Regular time to meet with your supervisor to check in on your licensure progress