Need help navigating the AXP? Here are some resources to guide you through supervising a candidate.

Follow the AXP Guidelines

The AXP Guidelines  provides a breakdown of the program, including requirements for each experience opportunity, the full list of tasks, and other expectations for licensure candidates.

Want a quick snapshot of the program? Your Guide to the AXP  is a short guide that provides a basic overview of the AXP.

Explore Available Supervisor CE Courses

AXP supervisors and AXP Portfolio supervisors can earn HSW credit by taking our CE supervisor training courses offered through NCARB's Continuum Education Program.  As you take our training courses, you'll be able to learn more about your role as a supervisor, as well as tips worth considering, through a series of videos, case study examples, required activities, and scenario-based questions. 

Watch AXP Supervisor Videos

Watch our videos for AXP supervisors—including how-to guides and live webinars—for tips from our experts.

You can also watch past NCARB Live webinars that include tips to shorten your candidates time to licensure, changes to the ARE, career tips, and more!

Subscribe to the AXP Supervisor Update

The AXP Supervisor Update is designed to provide tips for successful supervising and resources that will assist you and your licensure candidate as they navigate the AXP.

Understand Your Role as an AXP Supervisor

Ensure that you and your licensure candidate have established clear, reasonable expectations with the AXP Candidate and Supervisor Expectations guide. Plus, use our Licensure Progress Worksheet to guide check-ins with your candidate and better understand what steps they need to take to earn a license. 

As an AXP supervisor, you must review each experience report your candidate submits and verify that the information it contains is accurate. For more AXP-related resources, visit our Data & Resources page.