After you pass an ARE 5.0 division, your passing score on that division remains valid for an initial five-year window from the date you took the exam—this is known as the rolling clock. If you haven’t completed the ARE before the rolling clock period for a division ends, the passing score for that division will expire, and you will need to retake that division.

In addition, if you haven’t attempted an ARE division for a period of five years, any ARE eligibility you have for that division may expire based on your jurisdiction’s rules. If your eligibilities do expire, you will need to request them again under the jurisdiction’s current policies. 

Once you complete the entire exam, none of your divisions will expire.

Rolling Clock Extensions

If you experienced extraordinary circumstances that caused delays in your test-taking ability, NCARB may allow you an extension to the rolling clock. Some examples include:

  • The birth or adoption of a child
  • Active-duty military service
  • Medical reasons

If you would like to request an extension, fill out and submit the Rolling Clock Extension Request Form before your division expires.

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